Web Design and Development

Site Design

Everyone has their own ideas and their own taste. Fortunately, we've worked with a wide array of companies and individuals, covering everything from "flashy club style" flyers, menu displays, typography heavy layouts, elegant wedding invitations, and everything in between. Design doesn't stop at static 2D imagery, which is what makes the internet so infinite. Visitors enjoy interacting with what they see and we love developing incredible user experiences. With the use of animation and sound a web site can be much more than a virtual business card.


User interaction on your web site can say a lot about your company. It's true, a web site is a place for customers to gather more information about you and your company, products, and other limitless options. We have developed scripts that automatically collect new home listings, refill prescriptions, showcase new products plus many more. We've also developed a full featured CMS which will allow you to change all the content of your web site without any outside involvement.

Search Engine Optimization

Being found on the web is a integral part of establishing an online persona for your business. Feral Technology has the know how to both help your business get more hits, make more sales, and generate leads with those hits. Whether you choose to optimize your site naturally (the listings on the left) or using pay per click marketing, we will guide you in making your site as search engine friendly as possible.

Web Pricing:

Prices vary with each project according to which technologies are needed. We have developed an archive of scripts and tools that can be recycled, saving us time and in turn: saving you money. Our rates are considered when creating a quote, which locks the price in so there are no unexpected charges. The following is a comparison of our rates compared to other companies in the piedmont:

Service Competitor A Competitor B Feral Tech
Design $75 / hr $85 / hr $65 / hr
Development $75 / hr $85 / hr $65 / hr
Web Hosting $25 / m $25 - $150 / m
+ setup fees
$10 / m
no setup fees
Domain Registration $25 / y $30 / y $15 / y
Feral Technology
Feral Technology
Feral Technology
Feral Technology